The Process

When I meet with clients I listen carefully to what they are looking for and always with attention towards how my work might enhance their lives.

  • A table, for instance, should suit the size of the room and not make the space feel cramped; its edges and corners should feel friendly so as to encourage the flow of activity in the room.
  • A desk, meanwhile, should be a place to gather one’s thoughts or recover after a long day. So there’s the practical side of things coupled with the need for beauty and a sense of harmony in the everyday spaces of modern life.

My own sensibility is that design is less about making everything “match”, than more subtle matters of scale — a human scale, as it were — and that the wood selection be appropriate to the use and the mood we’re trying to create; i.e. a social space for gatherings, as in a dining room, or a quieter space for solitude and sustained attention, as with a desk. Sometimes the starting point is a piece from my portfolio, or, a sample image of a piece that speaks to them.  And through this dialogue, between imaginations — things change. Because what is truly gratifying is to hear from the clients — once the piece arrives — that it far surpasses what they had initially imagined. That, is what I strive for. 

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